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Black Friday 2015 to be the UK's first £1bn online shopping day?

It is predicted that this year’s Black Friday will be the UKs first £1bn online shopping day.

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  1. Understanding Why Basket Abandonment Occurs

    Shopping basket abandonment continues to plague the global retail e- and m-commerce industry with an expected £4 trillion worth of merchandise to be abandoned during 2015.

  2. UK e-commerce set to reach £60 billion in 2015

    Third quarter research has revealed that the UK retail e-commerce industry is on track to top £60 billion in 2015, surpassing previous and widely accepted forecast figures of £52 billion.

  3. £5,000 Digital Scotland Voucher

    Business Gateway, in conjunction with Digital Scotland, is offering a £5,000 digital marketing voucher for Scottish organisations to improve their digital presence, service and strategy.

  4. Why the ‘Business’ matters in business requirements for software development

    As member of a project team, have you ever read a project document and thought ‘I know exactly what they want’ and then during the project or nearer the end you are thinking ‘why didn't someone tell me all this at the start?’

  5. Why having a responsive website matters

    Much like the little girl who famously pointed out the flaw in the emperor’s new clothes, recent research suggests that not having a mobile-friendly website can mean that you’re catering for less than half of your potential customers.

  6. Microsoft has pulled the plug on Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer, the blundering behemoth with a not-entirely-undeserved reputation for woeful performance, will be replaced with a new browser when Windows 10 is released at the end of July.

  7. The Potential of Email Metadata

    Recently, we cast metadata as a villainous foe who can compromise the privacy and security of your kitten fart email discussions. However, like Nicolas Cage, metadata can play more than one type of role.

  8. The Dangers of Email Metadata

    Most of us are aware of the importance of taking certain steps to guarantee our safety and privacy online. Despite taking all of these wise precautions, your safety and privacy could still be at risk, all because of some seemingly innocuous email metadata.

  9. How do you bring software development projects within estimate?

    It's a simple formula really; bring in a super developer; bring in an expert, a guru and a genie!

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