Enterprise software

Bespoke applications


A bespoke application allows you to create new opportunities and efficiencies within your business.

An application built specifically for your business can:

  • Reduce staffing, marketing or admin costs
  • Free up time by creating processes that allow jobs to be automated or performed quicker.
  • Expand your capabilities by giving your business a unique advantage over your competitors.
  • Open up opportunities for further expansion.
  • Grow with your business, not hold you back compared to the constraints of software subscriptions.

 Bespoke applications examples

Mercurytide’s software development process is ISO:9001 accredited to ensure quality, speed and cost efficiency:

Business requirements
It starts off with Business requirements. They capture what you do, what your business needs, why you do it and what your expectations on the future are too. It’s an incredibly valuable document on what your business needs your software to achieve for you.

System design
We’re going to go through a design journey with you:

  • Workshops and wireframes - challenge preconceived concepts to create a system that genuinely works for the target users.
  • Graphical design - create a design that’s intuitive, expandable, modern and future-proofed.
  • Prototyping - what if could you play with the system before you actually build it? Prototyping allows us to do that. We built the interface, connect plug-ins and add a random data-generating database. This means you can click around the system and perform every action before we start to build the back-end functionality

Our system design process is a tried and tested method to create a successful product, that has involved the end users in the design process, while being led by industry experts.

Technical build and testing
How do we ensure quality during the software build phase?

  • Technical design – we plan the underlying architecture structure
  • Peer review – senior developers review the technical design and every line of code we write. 
  • Automated unit testing – we automate programmatic level testing for each individual operation. 
  • Test automation – repeatable tests that are automated so that when you want additions to your software we can re-test the wider software solution automatically. 
  • Cloud hosting & managed operations services - you will have a dedicated 24 / 7 team monitoring your system and ready to jump on any issues.


Dedicated Aftercare team

We have a dedicated support team who will look after you, helping support your business to grow and adapt. Whether it is changes to the design, security updates or further development; these updates can be added in quickly and effectively.



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