Why choose bespoke ecommerce?

Regardless of what you sell, ecommerce has evolved far beyond simply being a convenient way to shop. Thriving within this market can be a struggle; retailers are faced with the need to deliver an experience which is aligned with the expectations of a digital user, as well as their own business objectives.

Fundamentally, the goals of any ecommerce development is to increase sales or ‘conversion rates’ and provide the business with a high level of return on investment. We’re sure you have heard of ‘off the shelf’ platforms like WordPress and Shopify, which are widely available at a minimal cost. So why would you plump for a bespoke alternative?

Our blog readers have had their own questions about bespoke ecommerce sites. In the below video Ben, one of our in-house ecommerce experts, sums up the 'off the shelf' vs bespoke development debate. 

Advanced features

Basic ecommerce solutions are designed to suit a wide range of products and sales scenarios, which can result in customer experiences and administration being disjointed and complicated (as gaps need to be filled to compensate for the very generic approach). No two businesses are the same, so to assist each online retailer in achieving its goals and becoming more profitable, every ecommerce site should be unique too.

Unless you are a skilled developer as well as an online merchant, adding new features to an ‘off the shelf’ ecommerce site can be difficult, time consuming and costly. There may be features (or ‘plug-ins’ as they are called) which can be added, but often they are built to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution and rarely fit each company’s exact needs.

A bespoke ecommerce website is made for your products and your customers.  Whatever your business needs, a bespoke development can be completely tailored to the exact requirements of every business. This gives online retailers an ecommerce solution which has exceptional functionality and provides a quality shopping experience, attractive product presentation and efficient back-end administration.

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Rapid changes and updates

Bespoke ecommerce websites have the ability to be adaptable, and can scale in line with your business’s growth and its changing needs. Whether it is changes to the design, security updates, added functionality or content tweaks; these updates can be made, which is not always the case for off the shelf solutions.

Plus, the majority of quality ecommerce sites will be managed by a user-friendly CMS (content management system) which allows website users to update their site’s content – product images, text, videos etc. and add new pages or products as necessary. This means that any critical changes can be made quickly, to keep your customers well informed.

Return on Investment

A fully bespoke ecommerce is aligned with your business needs as well as its future objectives. Considering a variety of factors during the design and development of an ecommerce site (such as functionality, user experience, conversion optimisation, analytics, SEO and online marketing) results in the end product generating high levels of long-term ROI. All of these features, coupled with a solid ecommerce strategy, help businesses to increase customer acquisition, conversion and retention rates as well as helping to make their team more productive.

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