Here we explain the use cases for each, as well as some advice for ecommerce businesses about which option may best suit their needs. 

Why is a bespoke ecommerce solution better than an off-the-shelf solution?

Basic ecommerce solutions are designed to suit a wide range of products and sales scenarios, which can result in customer experiences and administration being disjointed and complicated (as gaps need to be filled to compensate for the very generic approach). No two businesses are the same, so to assist each online retailer in achieving its goals and becoming more profitable, every ecommerce site should be unique too.

Unless you are a skilled developer as well as an online merchant, adding new features to an ‘off the shelf’ ecommerce site can be difficult, time consuming and costly. There may be features (or ‘plug-ins’ as they are called) which can be added, but often they are built to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution and rarely fit each company’s exact needs.

We highlight the difference between a custom website and an off-the-shelf solution, as well as the ways that a flexible, bespoke solution can benefit ecommerce businesses. 

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