Online GDPR Training - Get Your Staff Up To Speed



Your business is unlikely to be compliant with the GDPR unless your employees understand how it impacts their day-to-day work. Online training is the simplest and most cost-efficient way to ensure your staff know how to handle personal data responsibly. 

It is imperative that you have a demonstrable plan in place to ensure the security and correct processing of any personal data you possess. Whilst there is peace of mind in having an informative privacy plan and robust retention policy, this is only just the beginning of your GDPR compliance journey. Your employees need to become aware and a part of the correct handling of personal data. 

In conjunction with our e-Learning partner, Bolt Learning, Mercurytide have devised a simple, interactive online training module for employees. Once your employees have completed the online module, you and your business will have clear documentation to demonstrate one of your compliance obligations.


Remember! If found to be in breach of the new regulation, a business can find itself served with a fine of up to €20million. It is essential that your staff are aware and educated appropriately. 

The Course

Through a combination of outstanding, cutting-edge technology and use of in-house educational experts and designers, we have devised a module that allows us to deliver relevant and action-packed online training that results in effective skill acquisition and an excellent level of understanding.

A cost-effective, consistent and swift means of delivering training to multiple groups of employees across multiple platforms including desktop, mobile, and tablet. 

Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for all employees whose job involves processing and storing personal data. We recommend that all staff undergo this training.

The course aims to reduce your businesses risk of non-compliance by defining the roles, responsibilities and processes the GDPR covers. All this is underpinned with a foundation of the principles of the regulation.

iMac showing snippet of awareness for all training module 


  • What is the GDPR?
  • Personal and Sensitive Data
  • Accuracy and Access
  • Applying EU GDPR Principles
  • Consents and Cookies
  • Security 

How long?

The online course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

There are mini-assessments throughout to reinforce learning objectives.

This culminates in a 10-minute long multiple choice quiz at the end of the training module ensuring your staff have fully understood the materials covered.

Staff may retake the training module as many times as they wish during the licensing period.

Upon successful completion of the training module, staff are awarded with a certificate recognising their achievement.

 GDPR – Module Pricing

iPad showing snippet from Awareness for all GDPR training module

Awareness For All

Our Awareness for All module is perfect for your employees, giving an overall insight into what the GDPR will mean to them and highlighting areas that they should be aware of. 

Number of employeesPrice per employee*

PURCHASE Awareness For All module

*All module pricing above is exclusive of VAT


Advanced Awareness

Our Advanced Awareness module is aimed at mid to high level management positions and appointed Data Protection Officers. This goes deeper into the changes that the GDPR introduces and highlights the obligations that your business must be aware of. 

Number of employeesPrice per employee*

PURCHASE Advanced Awareness module

*All module pricing above is exclusive of VAT


The training module fee includes a one-year licence, with a refresher module provided at 6 months to ensure employee retention. The course is hosted on our partner’s learning management system (LMS).

We do not include any customisation as standard, however, if this is something you are interested in, please contact us.



Mercurytide also provide a GDPR consultancy service that produces a tailor-made roadmap for your business, highlighting where the risks lie in your organisation and giving specific recommendations on how to become GDPR compliant. Sample pricing is below, but please get in touch for a more accurate quote.

£1,000 per day (+VAT)

Company sizeNumber of days required
Small (single office, less than 50 staff)3–5 days
Medium (1-3 offices, less than 500 staff)8–12 days
Large (3+ offices, 500+ staff)15–20 days
International+2–3 days

Our expert consultants will guide you through the compliance process. Get in touch via the form below or give us a call on 0333 666 7007