Henry Kunz

Creative Director

Henry Kunz

Henry has over 18 years experience delivering high-quality creative designs in the digital and print industries.

How I help our clients here at Mercurytide

  • I'm responsible for all things design at Mercurytide and to ensure that everything that leaves looks fantastic, gives the correct message and fulfils the goal it set out to achieve.
  • I'm a core part of a very creative team and coming up with inventive solutions to achieve goals or overcome obstacles at all stages of a project is a vital part of my job.
  • I see design as more than how something looks, it's also how it works. It can bring personality to a dry spreadsheet of statistics, make complex software simple or completely transform an industry.

What is life outside of work?

As often as possible, it is spent with my two daughters... or on the side of a mountain, either cycling, camping or climbing. I'm also a keen oil painter and a wing chun kung fu instructor. 

"A designer's job is to take an idea that people find difficult to imagine and present it in a way that they can't imagine it being anything else."


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