Henry Kunz

Creative Director

Henry Kunz

Henry has over 18 years experience creating exceptional multi-disciplinary design work.

How I help our clients here at Mercurytide

  • I'm responsible for all things design at Mercurytide and to ensure that everything that leaves looks fantastic, gives the correct message and fulfils the goal it set out to achieve. I'm a core part of a very creative team and coming up with inventive solutions to achieve goals or overcome obstacles at all stages of a project is a vital part of my job.
  • Design that stands out for its attention to detail, stunning aesthetics and outstanding user experience are fundamentally important to me. To release a project I am not happy with requires a hankerchief and chloroform. I push beyond good design, to create something exceptional.
  • Whether I’m working with project managers, designers, photographers, developers or interns, I get to know my team, where they excel and where they can improve. I nurture them to bring out their best performance, while challenging, inspiring and above all, supporting them.


What is life outside of work?

I will often be found dabbling with new software, tools, toys and technologies that I have no business being involved with. I will take any opportunity to be on the side of a mountain, either cycling, camping or climbing. 

"A designer's job is to take an idea that people find difficult to imagine and present it in a way that they can't imagine it being anything else."


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