How we do what we do... well

We like to challenge the 'norm,' which allows us to provide a unique service that surpasses expectations. Because we work outside the box, we have honed a detailed project management methodology which is so effective that even ISO love it.

Commitment to quality

Underpinning our commitment to building rock-solid software are two key factors:

  1. Our Dedicated Software Testing Team; and
  2. Our ISO 9001 Accredited Delivery Process.

Dedicated software testing team

Over the past few years we have created and developed our own dedicated software testing team in-house. We are unable to ensure the quality we aspire to without our superb testing team. Over the years our team has tested dozens of web-based systems, from websites to complex web applications to mobile and tablet apps. In addition, we have tested hundreds of smaller changes and updates to our clients’ sites.

We have built a wealth of knowledge on how to test for the web, how not to test for the web and how to test effectively and efficiently. We are known for our extremely high quality standards and for delivery of rock-solid solutions for our clients. Our dedicated testing team perform the following types of testing activities:

ISO 9001 delivery process

We use an accredited ISO 9001 process to ensure the best quality and experience for our clients. The process provides stage gates for sign-offs and deliverables. We believe our technical skills are nothing without the application of them inside of this delivery process. While the process is sensibly rigid, we often introduce staged builds that ensure our process is also incredibly flexible. We believe this provides the best of both worlds - predictable results within the bounds of flexible, real-world requirements.

Not only are we ISO 9001 accredited, our plain-speaking Project Managers can simplify even the most technical of tech speak. This ensures that you know exactly what is going on with your project and when.

Want more ISO 9001 information?

If you would like to know more details, read about our ISO 9001 delivery process, or...

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