The Mercurytide ISO 9001 delivery process

To ensure that our projects are delivered successfully and on time we have developed an ISO 9001 accredited process. There are 11 key stages and many more, smaller stages, all of which we will guide you through as your project progresses.

Not all stages are applicable to every project. Each project has unique characteristics and as such, we fit our process to those characteristics.

ISO 9001 accredited project management process

1. Market Analysis & SEO

We will:

2. Business Requirements

One of Mercurytide’s Business Analysts will ascertain through discussion, research and industry knowledge a full and detailed set of requirements for your project taking into consideration your business and its future goals and targets.

We do this so that everyone has a clear understanding of the project, its goals and objectives and the work required to deliver it successfully.

3. Technical Design

As with the business requirements the technical architecture allows our developers to fully understand the technical requirements of the system and to deliver the best solution for you.

4. User Interface Design

Usability design can be as simple as ensuring navigation is laid out in an intuitive way or as complex as performing A/B testing, user profiling, carrying out eye tracking and even measuring the distance between actions.

Mercurytide will advise you as to the level of work that is required here and what the potential benefits of such work would be.

5. Graphic Design

Design draws on many disciplines including graphic design, psychology, communications, linguistics, information design, human-computer interaction and interaction design that support computing and communications technologies. Our graphic designers specialise in creating modern designs and have considerable experience from a wide variety of clients, ranging from public sector to private companies.

6. Interactive HTML

The Interactive HTML (iHTML) is an initial build of the solutions look and feel without having to develop the entire system. It allows you to see each and every page of the system, follow every link and verify it is how you expected it to be.

It allows you to see a version of the solution early on in the project and verify it is as you imagined - before the core development is done, so if for any reason you do need to make changes, you can do so before costly development.

7. Project Development

This is where we leave our programmers to build the code that will bring your solution to life. 
We will of course keep you posted on progress and come back with any questions that arise but these tend to be few and far between.

8. Testing

Testing is vitally important, it allows us to verify that your system does what we agreed in the business requirements. Mercurytide take testing very seriously - our own dedicated testing team will undertake a number of processes and test within a variety of scenarios to ensure that when your system goes live it is robust, secure and reliable.

9. Customer Staging Site

The UAT (or customer staging) site is a pre-live version of your solution. It is password protected so only you can see it. You can play with the system as much as you like, get familiar with how it works and also add and remove content until it is exactly as you would like.

10. Approval & Go-live

Once you're happy with the solution, all the content is in place and everything is ready to go, we will seamlessly launch. Our go live implementation has a number of tasks, which ensure that your system is launched smoothly.

11. Handover to Support

Mercurytide’s philosophy is about more than building great solutions for you - it’s also about maintaining them and adapting them to your changing business needs.

Whatever the support service needs, we have a tailored support plan that matches your needs.

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