Malcolm McVie

Operations Manager

Malcolm McVie

Malcolm’s been successfully managing technical teams and client projects for over 15 years.

How I help our clients here at Mercurytide

  • I’m responsible for managing the Project Management, Development and QA Teams who make sure that clients get the beautiful software they want. I love leading the team and pushing them to achieve great things.

  • I make sure that we capture client requirements accurately, and that those are translated into software design that’s delivered on time and on budget.

  • My favourite question is “Why?”. By asking ourselves that and analysing the response, we strive for continuous improvement.

What is life outside of work?

Hectic! A teenage son keeps me busy, as does keeping fit(ish) and coaching or watching him play rugby (and even still playing the occasional game myself). When I have time I try to teach myself guitar and I’d love to be a better cook too!

“Sweep the sheds” – Never be too big to do the small things that need to be done.


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