Martin McLaren

Aftercare Director

Martin McLaren

Martin's spent more than 20 years making sure clients get the service and support they deserve. Our clients love him - feel free to ask them.

How I help our clients here at Mercurytide

  • I'm always focused on getting clients from A to B with the least amount of hassle and the maximum peace of mind.
  • I try to put myself in the client's shoes in order to understand their needs, their challenges and their frustrations. It's not about me.
  • I'm big on doing the right thing for our customers, getting things done and keeping our promises. Not always so big on process and red tape.

What is life outside of work?

Back at home I have a lovely young daughter, who keeps me on my toes, and a wife who keeps me relatively sane. I like to cook (I make a very decent stone-baked pizza) and occasionally make my own sausages, bacon & salt beef. I love a wee physical challenge each year; I've previously run marathons, conquered a Tough Mudder, bagged Munros and still cycle a fair bit, but this year I also did my first triathlon and didn't finish last. Will I do another one? I think so... maybe.

"Rule 1: The customer is always right. Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, re-read Rule 1"


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