Websites to attract and keep customers

Great web design brings together research, planning, design, technical development and security to create an outstanding user experience.


When we design a website we consider:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
What would your customers search online for? What would they click into? What are your competitors doing? What do you need to do to get results from SEO? We have a lot of experience with search engines and can help you optimise your website to get the best results.

The customer’s user journey.
Different visitors will flow through the website in different ways but you still want to convert them all as a customer.

Design & User experience
As a core part of your brand, your website will create an experience that both delights and informs your visitors, while allowing them to find the information they need easily and convert them without exertion.

Create a memorable story around your brand to compel your visitors to explore further, while making sure that search engines find you easily.

Bespoke development needs
Whatever you need your website to do, our experienced bespoke web development team will translate your requirements into a fast, reliable and delightful experience.

Rapid deployment
Our full feature web design platform allows for rapid deployment and is designed to be changed and added to. This means we can meet your future needs with minimal effort.

Leaf CMS

Full content management

Your website solution will include the full Mercurytide ‘Leaf’ content management system to give you control of content:

  • Webpage management
  • News article / blog post article management
  • Media and form management, insert images, videos, customisable forms, maps and more.
  • SEO metadata control for all webpages & blog posts
  • Navigation management and site structure control
  • Built in newsletter / mailing solution including subscription management.
  • Re-directs tool, allowing you to control what happens with deleted or moved pages and create short URLs for campaign management.



Dedicated Aftercare team

We have a dedicated support team who will look after you, helping support your business to grow and adapt. Whether it is changes to the design, security updates or further development; these updates can be added in quickly and effectively.



Be ambitious for your online presence