3 Strategies for increasing mobile ecommerce conversion

Turning casual browsers into buyers, the influencing factors!

Did you know?

  1. CSS Grid Layout — Coming soon to a browser near you

    From tables to floats, to front-end frameworks, meet the new player in town scheduled for great things in 2017 … CSS Grid Layout.

  2. Web trends for 2017

    With each year, new technologies emerge, some fade and occasionally older technologies are reinvented for a different purpose. Design styles come and go and can define a particular year.

  3. The Significance of Support in a Commoditised World

    Software and online services have become standard commodities and you now need to look deeper than the headline prices to find a vendor that provides value - and the opportunity of a lasting business relationship.

  4. Top 5 Tips for Successful Time Management

    Time management is all about getting the most from every hour of every day. As well as boosting your productivity, being able to manage your time effectively can reduce your stress levels and leave you with more quality time to spend on the things you enjoy.

  5. Getting in the festive giving spirit

    We know the holidays can be a struggle for some people and so with John providing us with a rallying cry we band together to donate food and gifts.

  6. Our favourite Supportive Non-profit Organisation – Revive MS

    Here at Mercurytide we are taking the time to recognise the great work going on at Revive MS, our favourite non-profit organisation.

  7. UK Ecommerce Trends 2017

    It won't come as a surprise to anyone that online sales will keep growing throughout 2017, but there are a few key trends that we're looking forward to seeing more of next year too.

  8. Holiday Preparations - Communicating to your customers your planned service closures

    Your customers will hopefully know how your support team operates and when they can get hold of you when they need help, but during the times of the year when your business might close down for longer, such as Christmas and New Year, it's essential your customers know what the contingency plan is and where to turn to if things take an unexpected turn.

  9. The rise of video: Why video is important for your website

    With over 50% of marketing professionals naming video as the best way to get a great return on your investment, it seems like a no-brainer to include videos on your website. But why do these videos perform so well?

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