Consent under the GDPR

A breakdown of what consent is under the GDPR and what approach you should take, including practical advice.

Did you know?

  1. The 6 principles of GDPR that will affect your business

    A breakdown of the GDPR's core principles, explaining the impact that they may have on your business.

  2. Best Use of Customer Insight Award Winners

    We won bronze for 'Best Use of Customer Insight' at the world class Campaign Creative Tech Awards for our Faithful+Gould Dashboard.

  3. How much does a website cost?

    A rough guide to costs and options along with pros and cons of the options available.

  4. Introduction to the GDPR

    The first in a series of articles breaking down the European Union's new privacy and personal data regulation.

  5. An Introduction to A/B Testing

    An introductory guide to optimising your website to make the most of your traffic.

  6. The Business Show 2017

    This 17th and 18th of May we’ll be in London to connect with businesses, listen to their challenges, find synergies and find solutions!

  7. Gender optimisation: Targeting male shoppers

    The majority of ecommerce sites are already geared towards male customers, but there might be a few tricks you’re missing.

  8. Gender optimisation: Targeting female shoppers

    How can you optimise your shop if the majority of your users are women?

  9. Gender optimisation: how women and men shop online

    Who is your target audience? Which personas are you optimising your shop for? What impact does it have if the majority of your users is male or female?

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