Why do I need a Security Certificate?

We answer what a security certificate is, what it does and why you would want one.

Did you know?

  1. We are a finalist in the DRUM Marketing Awards

    The Faithful+Gould Performance Dashboard, built by Mercurytide, is a finalist in the upcoming DRUM Marketing Awards.

  2. Professional review of your website's performance

    A data-driven report that analyses your website performance. Highlighting what's going well and what needs work.

  3. Get your online marketing in the post for results

    Marketing campaigns which include mail (the physical, through-your-letterbox type) are 27% more likely to deliver top-ranking sales.

  4. DIBI : Design it, Build it 2017 - Edinburgh Digital Conference

    We share some of the highlights of this year's DIBI conference, for those shaping the future of the web.

  5. Psychological thinking behind web design?

    Buying goods or services worth many thousands of pounds is can be risky, and more likely to trigger a high-engagement mental process. Your web design needs to reflect the high or low level of mental engagement your customer will experience during their buying process.

  6. 4 SEO Myths Exposed!

    Big volume keywords, Link trading, Social media, and more tips on how you should (or shouldn't!) approach SEO.

  7. Ecommerce 'Save it for later' and how it helps conversion rates

    Why do ecommerce customers abandon their baskets? How can 'save it for later' boost conversions?

  8. Are you emulating success? Tips on testing for the mobile marketplace

    Six out of ten (59%) visitors to the sites use mobile devices. To keep these visitors coming back, you need to make sure that your site is responsive, engaging and usable on phones and tablets.

  9. Small price, ‘bug’ mistake for ecommerce!

    Every website owner knows that feeling in the pit of their stomach when they spot an error. Even large companies get it wrong sometimes.

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