Blog archive for June 2014

Did you know?

  1. Get to grips with marketing automation

    You’ve probably heard about it. More specifically, heard marketers rave about it. So what is ‘marketing automation’ and can it benefit your business?

  2. New .uk domains launch today

    From today, shorter .uk domains will be available for purchase via Nominet.

  3. Mercurytide Staff Spotlight: John Mills

    The majority of our clients haven't met John Mills, but you can be sure that he knows their sites inside-out.

  4. Google Maps reveals mythical modes of transport

    They may be one of the world’s most iconic brands, but that doesn’t stop Google from having a little fun with their users.

  5. Connect Google Plus and Google Maps in 3 easy steps

    Google has introduced a new feature, which makes managing your company's G+ Page and Maps listing that little bit easier.

  6. June's tech round-up

    June's installment of the Mercurytide tech round-up features Facebook's longest outage, the latest innovations fresh from Google I/0 and smart ways to manage projects. would like to store information (cookies) on your computer. By continuing to use this site, you consent to this.
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