3 Reasons to Review Website Performance

Having a website is one of the greatest marketing tools that your business could have. 24/7 it connects your business, brand and products (or services) with potential consumers on a global scale. In the lead up to worldwide events like Christmas and Valentine’s Day it is especially important that your website performs, as competition for consumer’s disposal income reaches all new levels.

Take Christmas 2015 for example. Over the 8-week Christmas period, spanning November and December, online sales via smartphones and tablets reached an astonishing £11bn in the UK alone!

So, do you know how your website performed over Christmas 2015? Are you able to honestly answer using facts and figures?

To help highlight the significance of reviewing your website’s performance, detailed below are three key reasons as to why you need to review now.

1. Determining a Performance Reference Point

Okay, maybe asking how your website performed over Christmas was a too broad of question. But what if I asked, “By what percentage did you online sales increase during Christmas 2015 compared to Christmas 2014?” Could you answer me?

Without knowing your website’s key metrics, how you can you accurately measure overall performance? How can you measure its return on investment? Put simply, you can’t. What do you have to compare it against? Nothing.

This is one of the biggest reasons to review your website; it gives you a base standard and reference point to compare future measurements against. Whether you want to review performance on a continual or ad-hoc basis, a performance reference point clearly highlights improvements or deficiencies over a given period of time.

Wouldn’t it be great to look back in January 2019 and see how much your website’s Christmas performance has improved each year?

Don’t have a website performance reference point? Speak to our experts and together lets measure your sites performance!

Mercurytide Top Tip: Whether you want to review your website’s performance monthly, quarterly or yearly, do something about it and contact Mercurytide to help you in reviewing your website’s performance.


2. Expose Deficiencies & Highlight Possible Problem Areas

As alluded to above, a website performance review can help you unearth deficiencies and highlight possible problem areas within your website.

Website deficiencies can be very diverse, ranging from increasing basket abandonment rates to a decrease in the number of website visitors, the advantage comes from the fact you know about them!

Some might be in your control and require small tweaks, others might not and require further development work, but unless you review performance and have a performance reference point, how will you know?

Website deficiencies that are commonly found during Christmas include;

  • Experiencing greater than normal drop-off on the products being promoted
  • A higher than normal purchase-return rate
  • Slower page loading times due to increased traffic
  • Lower session durations (i.e. time spend on your website)

Found deficiencies or possible problem areas on your site? Speak to our experts and together lets make it right!

Mercurytide Top Tip: If you missed out during Christmas 2015, contact our experts and get it sorted to ensure you don’t missed out in 2016!

3. Set Improvement Goals

From gaining a website performance reference point and exposing deficiencies, a review also allows you to set SMART performance goals for your site.

I advocate the use of the SMART methodology (meaning that goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) because, like all good measures, your measurements should be number-based, with a focus on commercial results. Additionally, all website goals should be clear and simple to understand.

You should always include deficiency improvement targets to ensure that the actions you have taken to remove the deficiency are working. These specific goals should be reviewed on a more regular basis as further tweaks may be required.

Here are some examples of possible website performance goals;

  • Increase visitor-to-customer conversion rate by 2%
  • Increase average order value by 5%
  • Decrease basket abandonment rate by 7%

Dont know what goals to set? Contact Mercurytide and together we can set website goals that are specific to you and your business needs.

Mercurytide Top Tip: Setting goals and tracking performance enables you to make informed business decisions that are founded on facts. 

The key to your website’s success during 2016 comes from reviewing past performance, making tweaks to eliminate deficiencies and setting goals that allows your website to reach new heights!

Want to know more or need help in reviewing website performance? 

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