£5,000 By Design Grant

We love bringing you great news... Scottish Enterprise have a new grant!


What’s on offer?

The By Design grant will contribute between £2,000 and £5,000 to help businesses either design new or improve current products, processes and/or services. Your project is able to exceed £5,000 but the grant will only cover up to £5,000 – which is still a great help!

How can it be spent?

The By Design grant covers a wide range of uses and possible projects include:

  • Designing a new or improving the design of current products and services
  • Reviewing website performance and developing ways to be more effective
  • Improving your business processes
  • Updating your logo, branding and packaging 
  • Gaining external research on consumers’ needs and wants
  • Writing a design brief or design blueprint
  • Designing and developing a website
  • Updating the design and content of your website and other marketing material
  • Designing bespoke email signatures

Mercurytide would love to help!

We would love to discuss and help you come up with a suitable project for your application. Whether it’s nailing a rebrand, designing a new website, creating graphics for marketing, or sharpening up some physical packaging, Mercurytide would love to be involved!

With our award winning in-house design team, we want to help create long-lasting and tangible results for your business!

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Just some of the clients we’ve helped…


Should you like to know more about how Mercurytide can assist you with your application, or if you would like to discuss a possible project then please get in touch!

How to apply…

First, you will need to confirm your eligibility for the By Design grant. Scottish Enterprise will then send you the full application.

Secondly, contact our team of experts who would love to discuss your project and assist you in completing the application.

You can also read more about the By Design grant on the Scottish Enterprise website.