6 Website Must-Haves for 2016

As we prepare for another year we explore six core fundamentals that your website must have for 2016.
With these must-haves widely forecast to become the biggest website trends in 2016 - would you rather be reacting and playing catch-up with your competitors, or leading the way?

1. Responsive Design

2016 will see 40% of all website traffic coming from mobile devices and tablets.
April 2015 saw Google launch their ‘mobile friendly’ update that ranks websites based on their ability to be viewed on any device. 

Example of a mobile friendly website on Google

Consumers now demand mobile friendly sites, regardless of what you are selling, marketing or promoting. If your website is not fully responsive you may struggle to be found and keep users on your site.

2. Importance of User Experience (UX)

UX can be defined as the overall experience a person goes through while engaged on your website.

UX is crucial to the overall success of your website as poor UX can leave users frustrated, lost and confused, or even worse all three! We have all experienced websites where this has occurred.
UX is a broad concept that incorporates a number of website features such as responsive design, relevant product information and functional navigation. Better UX means closer engagement with visitors, which in turn leads to greater conversion rates.

3. Need for Differentiation & Bespoke

With the rise in off-the-shelf website solutions, such as WordPress and Wix, a lot of websites are beginning to have a number of noticeable similarities, including, look, feel, style, design and user experience (UX).

With a clear need to offer differentiation from your competitors, a bespoke solution gives you this opportunity. Not only can your website be tailored to your offering, it can also be designed to meet the exact requirements of your target market.

4. Engaging Calls to Action

Consumers have rapidly reducing attention spans, largely thanks to social media and the popularity of scrolling through news feeds and content.

As such, your website needs to effectively attract, engage and maintain consumer's attention. Specifically designed, well placed banners and calls to action are vital in ensuring this.
Consumers are becoming accustomed to flicking through pages and websites, ignoring calls to action that are being poorly displayed and delivered.

5. Utilising Big Data & Analytics

Having the ability to collect analytics and utilise the data to make more informed business decisions will provide you with a huge advantage.
The battle is now to understand your customers and their characteristics while providing them with tailored information and offers. Using this information, including their demographic, geographic and shopping preferences, your website will result in increased levels of engagement and conversion ratios.

6. Security & Privacy

In light of recent high profile security and data breaches, Talk-Talk for example, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and questioning the safety of their personal data.

Therefore, do your best to eliminate trust issues and concerns. Add credibility and trust badges to your website and payment pages to prove you have been accredited and verified. This is particularly important for e-commerce retailers with 17% of consumers having abandoned a basket as a result of concerns about payment security.

At a basic level, security certificates are a must for all websites.

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