Agile software development

Agile software development

At Mercurytide we transformed how we approach software development with some amazing results. We moved from a fairly Waterfall approach to an Agile Scrum approach a while back and it’s proven to be a great success.

What are Waterfall and Agile approaches?

Waterfall is a project management method where everything is mostly linear. For instance, if you have an idea for a software product and you arrange a big project covering months of work where you, e.g.:


Waterfall process illustration 

Looks like a waterfall, and it's called the Waterfall approach.

Agile Scrum still has a lot of these concepts, but it breaks it down into smaller chunks, with a focus on creating releasable software every 2 weeks once you get into the Sprints.


Agile process illustration 

What does Agile look like within Mercurytide

We call our method T-Agile. The T stands for the Tide in Mercurytide, which is ever moving and adapting to the individual project. It’s a variation on Agile Scrum, the key difference being that we believe there is an incredible value to a comprehensive discovery stage, and in creating a business requirements document that covers the full project business needs and expectations. After that, we run an Agile Scrum approach where we prioritise functionality based on business value and adapt the project as the feedback comes in.


Mercurytide's T-Agile process illustration 

What impact has T-Agile had for Mercurytide?

  • We have a more accurate representation of progress. Rather than that last 10% of the project taking 90% of the time, we are delivering working software regularly so we have a real handle on what’s complete and what not. We can report early if things are not going to expected timescales and implement mitigation action much quicker.
  • We can change direction quickly. Customer priorities change, and because every two weeks we complete the current task, we can swap our plans around with greater ease and provide flexibility for our customers.
  • We can release software much earlier. We can still do larger releases of functionality but we can also release what we have every two weeks. Meaning customers get the benefits of the software much earlier.
  • We get feedback early. We develop functional software so our customers every two weeks and we get feedback on what works and what customers need much quicker. We can the adapt to fit those needs.
  • We have better communications. The agile approach is very focused on verbal communication points so that each team member keeps everyone informed on progress and seeks regular feedback on what they have been producing.

If you are looking to develop bespoke business software, Mercurytide’s Agile approach to software development provides real tangible advantages over a more traditional Waterfall approach.

If you have any questions about the advantages Mercurytide can provide your business, or want a more in-depth chat about all things software development, please get in touch.