August's tech round-up

August's edition of the Mercurytide tech round-up features the much awaited iPhone 6 release, a Google AdWords update, a new Facebook initiative which gets tough on spam and the recognition of computer coding within the national curriculum. 

iPhone 6 release date

It's all systems go over at Apple just now. After months of speculation and rumours, Apple has confirmed that they will host a press event on 9th September where they are expected to unveil the eagerly anticipated iPhone 6. Apple fans are also hoping the first iPhone compatible watch will be launched during this event too. 

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Another tweak to Google AdWords

Businesses that use PPC campaigns to advertise online may already be aware of this change. Google recently updated the options within Adwords to include all 'close variants' of their targeted key phrases. There are pros and cons to this change, which may affect how companies plan their future campaigns. 

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Facebook cracks down on 'click-baiting'

We've all seen the headlines on Facebook that encourage users to click through to an external link. Examples include 'You'll NEVER believe...' or 'Funniest video EVER...' that inevitably lead to a site or an article which doesn't live up to its title. Facebook is cracking down on this practice, known as 'click baiting', by timing how long users spend viewing these articles once they have clicked on them. 

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Coding curriculum

As part of an overhaul to the national curriculum, computer coding will now be taught to children between the ages of 5-16 in English schools. This move aims to teach children the principles of computer science, so that they can understand the science behind the technology that they use. Perhaps this change will harvest our future generation of developers!

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