2008 Drum Magazine digital award winner

Best professional services website 

The DADI awards are held every year to give recognition to the most talented and innovative digital agencies in Britain. This year the award ceremony was held in Leeds and the competition for the prestigious award of ‘Best professional services website' was high! However, the judging panel awarded the accolade to Mercurytide for www.gspc.co.uk based on it's usability, the vast improvements on performance and functionality and the large increase of user traffic to the site.

House price searches have seen a 100% increase in the number of related communications and are now one of the top 4 used areas of the site.  

Why the GSPC is so special

We rebuilt the site from scratch using some of the most up-to-date web technologies. Utilising the same framework that Google uses we developed a range of powerful new features, which allow easy maintenance and administration of the site, greatly improved search engine optimisation, faster loading speeds and the easy addition of any complex functionality in the future.

The GSPC has seen dramatic improvements across all areas of the site and the following results speak for themselves.

Page views

The amount of pages viewed per month has increased to over 400% (from over 2 million per month to over 8 million per month) showing that people are finding and viewing far more pages than the previous site. 

Pages per visit

The more interesting a site, the longer a user will spend on it. The ‘pages per visit' is therefore a good measure of how interesting the site is and we have seen an increase from 11 pages per visit to 23 pages per visit.

Time spent on site

Users are now spending 26% longer on each visit, implying that because the site now runs much faster, users are enjoying the new functionality and spending more time browsing for properties.

Bounce rate

BBC research showed that users have to be attracted to a site within 4 seconds and the ‘bounce rate' records the number of users who leave without moving to a second page. We have seen a positive decrease of 39% meaning that far less people are leaving the site without exploring further. 


View photos of the award ceremony in Leeds

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