Business uses for Google Street View

Google Street View can be a very powerful tool to save you time and money.

Google Street View icon

With the introduction of Google Street View, most businesses have not found a way to use it to its full potential. It can be a very powerful tool when used for day-to-day tasks. Some of the following ideas can really save you time and money.

Business uses

1Plan routes to meetings

Find the quickest routes, which exit to take on the motorway and know exactly what the meeting point looks like.

2Show directions on your website to your offices

Help your clients by showing them the best routes to take, where to park and the entrance to your offices.

3Welcome foreign clients

Show foreign clients around your city by showing them landmarks, great restaurants and places of interest.

4Look for new office locations

If you are thinking of moving or expanding your business, take a look around a new area and walk up to the front door of your new offices.

5Help new employees

Guide new employees to your office location, show them where to park, or the nearest bus or train stop.

6Property letting or property developers

If you rent or sell property, Street View can be a powerful way to show prospective buyers or tenants available properties.

7Discover parking zones before you leave

Not sure if you can park at a particular location or not? Just virtually walk down the street and read the parking signs.

8Plan business trips and accommodation

If you are travelling to somewhere new, plan the trip from the airport to your accommodation and then to your business meetings.

Social uses

1See famous places

Using Street View, you can explore parts of the world you've always wanted to visit or revisit a place that means a lot to you, such as your honeymoon destination or where you grew up.

2Plan your holiday

Use Street View to see how close your hotel is to the swimming pool, local shops, public transportation and the beach. If you're a parent, why not use Street View to capture the attention of your kids before you go?

3Remember great places

Street View will help you remember the name of a fantastic restaurant or shop that you've forgotten by virtually walking down the street until you find it.

4Arrange to meet people

You can use Street View to show people where you want to meet

5Get property information

Not sure if you want to buy a house in a particular area? Have a virtual walk-through of the area, see how near you are to roads, parks, bus stops and shops.

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