Connect Google Plus and Google Maps in 3 easy steps

Earlier this month, Google announced a new feature that allows brands to integrate their Google Plus pages with their Google Local profile. 

Prior to this change, businesses had to manage these differing profiles seperately. Both of these business pages have different properties; Google Plus pages promote social interaction and detail the company's posts and updates, while the location-based Google Local Maps profile features reviews and business information such as opening hours.

As always, Google is keen to keep their users happy and has provided the option to move the features from their local Google Maps listing over to their brand's Google Plus page. This allows businesses and page managers to benefit from one centralised page, which details all of their information - including posts, map location, business information and reviews.

We've created a simple three-step guide which details the process of combining the two pages into one social presence which displays all of your company information. 

Step 1: Verify your business

Only verified local businesses can merge their profiles. To find out if your business is verified, hover over the badge (below) beside your Google Plus Profile - you should see the message 'Verified local business' appear. Click on the blue 'Manage this page' button. 

If this message does not appear, you can verify your business with Google, or get in touch with a member of our team and we can arrange it for you.

Connect Google Plus and Google Local step 1

Step 2: Go to settings

Merge google plus and google local

Now that you are managing your business page, click on 'Dashboard' in the top left-hand corner.

This will show a drop-down menu.

Select 'Settings', located at the bottom of this menu.



Step 3: Connect your profile

Scroll down your settings page until you reach the 'Profile' section. At the bottom of this section is the option to 'Connect a different page', click this option and select your Google Maps Local profile. You will then be shown a list describing the changes that will be made to your newly-created page, click 'Confirm'...and you're done!

Google plus connect to google local

Your new page

Your new, merged business page will boast all of the benefits of both of the previous pages including: business name and verified business badge, business information, all of your previous posts, photos, videos, reviews and +1s. Additionally, it will carry over all of your followers and your custom URL (if you have one).

verified google plus and local page

Google also saves a back-up of your previous page which can be accessed from your Google Plus account, should you ever want to unlink these pages. 

For more information, or to discuss having Google Plus set up for your business, please get in touch with a member of our team. 

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