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Positive user experience and high conversion rates are no happy coincidence; these two factors go hand in hand. By offering your visitors a simple yet unique online shopping experience, your brand will be remembered for all of the right reasons. 

However, as all retailers know, keeping customers happy is an ongoing pursuit, and this doesn’t change when they head online to shop. Nowadays, consumers are continually embracing advances in technology, and they expect your business to keep up too. An antiquated design, complicated purchasing process or poor quality images will send your customers flocking to your competitors.

One of our ecommerce experts, Ben, answers a few questions about the benefits of having a bespoke design for your ecommerce site. Find out what he has to say:

Find out how a site's design can affect its conversion rate

As more and more customers purchase online, the appearance of an online shop is crucial to its success for a number of reasons. So, how does your ecommerce business benefit from having a fully customised design?

On brand

Aside from a fantastic product, a strong identity is at the heart of every successful ecommerce business. First things first, you want your customers to be able to recognise your business when they land on your site. That’s why it is important to have all aspects of your site’s design completely tailored to your brand’s guidelines and values.

Buying templates may seem cost-friendly initially, but these are not specific to your brand and often results in a number of sites looking very similar. Plus, tweaking or updating your design can be time consuming as well as costly – you may even have to purchase a new template each time.
A design created specifically for your business means that every component of your site is tailored towards your brand, as well as your customers. Plus, your design can be safeguarded by design protection which means that you can stay looking entirely unique.

Designed to sell

A customer’s journey through a website is referred to as user experience or ‘UX’ for short. Ecommerce web designers now focus on UX to ensure that the designs they create make it quick and easy for customers to find what they are looking for and make those all-important purchases.
Making tweaks and adjustments to your customers’ journey is pretty straightforward if you have had your site designed specifically for your business, rather than using an ‘off the shelf’ template. This is why online retailers tend to favour a bespoke ecommerce platform, as updates are simpler to make.

Product presentation

Your customers can’t fully appreciate the quality of your products online, so powerful imagery is essential for sales. Bespoke design functionality can be included which showcases products and ensures they can persuade a purchasing decision.
Choosing the best way to present products is a crucial part of web design, and a good designer will be able to devise the best way to display your products. Depending on your product, extra design features such as 360 degree images and product videos can also be included to ensure that your product is firmly embedded in the minds of your customers.

The sky’s the limit

Design can evolve in line with your visitors’ needs and industry standards. Having a design which has been created specifically for you, means that it is easy to add extra functionality or design features as you need them. Ultimately, this means that your online shop can grow as your business progresses.

One site, all users

Now, it’s all about responsive design. This means that the site scales to fit whichever screen it is being viewed on – be that a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A responsive website is more important than ever due to the increasing number of customers choosing to use mobile devices to shop – which accounts for around 35% of all traffic.

Ultimately, a well designed ecommerce website should take into consideration the expectations and needs of your customers. How do they shop? Where do they shop? What devices do they use? The answers to these questions will change over time as technology creates new ways for consumers to access your website. Having a bespoke design means that it is possible for your site to be adapted and changed in line with evolving technology and customer expectations.

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