Django 1.5 Cheat Sheet

Django 1.5 solved – don’t say we’re not good to you!

At Mercurytide, we know all too well the difficulties of memorising shortcuts when you work in different frameworks. You think you’ve mastered it…and then a new version comes along. Mercurytide’s developers have been working with Django 1.5 since its release in February 2013. Our skilled developers have created a solid, quick-start cheat sheet with an easy to reference layout. We’ve fused our technical knowledge with Django’s latest features – allowing you to motor ahead with the new developments.

Django Cheat Sheet 1.5

Don’t give yourself a Django-induced headache; just download our cheat sheets below. Our cheat sheets are available in a variety of formats, including A4 and US letter format. This keeps our US followers happy (they found our previous cheat sheets really useful!)

A4 PDF | US Letter PDF

We have also included the four PNGs below, which can be used as a screen background, for quick referencing while you work.

Cheat sheet 1 | Cheat sheet 2 | Cheat sheet 3 | Cheat sheet 4

We’ve included the shortcuts for the most commonly used aspects of Django, including: templates, forms, admin and models.

If you need cheat sheets for an earlier version of Django then don't worry, we've taken care of that too. 

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