Django cheat sheet

With the release of Django 1.0, we're pleased to announce the release of a completely updated version of our highly popular Django Cheat Sheet which is crammed with a whole host of useful Django information.

Mercurytide would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making Django 1.0 such an awesome framework!

Django v1.0

Here at Mercurytide we're lucky enough to work full-time with Django. We spend a fair amount of time looking at the online documentation because the same questions keep cropping up: "What options does that field take?"; "Is that template filter spelt with underscores?"; "Is there a template tag to do this?"; and so on.

We all know time spent looking at documentation is time spent not solving the world's problems through code. And no good programmer wants that. So we've created a two-page Django cheat sheet.

Download the Django v1.0 cheat sheet (PDF, 73 KB)Creative commons license

If you need cheat sheets for Django 1.5, go here Django 1.5 cheat sheets.

What's included

It was pretty tough to condense information about all Django's features onto just two A4 pages, but we've managed to include what we feel will be the most useful.

The cheat sheet covers Django version 1.0 and includes:


  • Template tags and their options
  • Template filters and their options
  • Date formatting syntax quick reference


  • Fields and their options
  • Common field options
  • Meta class options
  • ModelAdmin options


  • Fields and their options
  • Common field options
  • Standard error_messages keys


If you have any comments on the cheat sheet, please email us at We welcome any ideas for improvements, corrections, or just some friendly Django-based banter.


Issue 3

Corrected default_if_none filter and ForeignKey model field names.

Issue 2

Removed PhoneNumberField and USStateField, which are no longer standard fields. Released 10th September 2008.

Issue 1

Initial issue. Released 4th September 2008.

We previously released a cheat sheet for Django 0.95 (also applicable to 0.96), which is still available as a PDF or PNG.

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