Don't be a victim of website burglary

In an era where ‘content is king,’ online thievery is most commonly associated with a site’s valuable information being heisted. However, this is just one tool amongst the weaponry of online con artists. Recent years have seen a rise in the number of entire site designs being stolen, which can be tricky to repossess without the correct measures in place.

The creative nature of website design means that designers often take inspiration from the work of their peers. However, website theft is another matter entirely. In a bid to drive high-levels of traffic to a particular site (usually a fake website) the prevalence of online fraudsters trade in on your good name and reputation by stealing your website identity - to fool your customers into thinking they are in the right place. How would web invisibility affect your business? For most business owners, this would have a devastating impact on their bottom line. Considering design protection is a smart move which can turn a potential disaster into a minor hiccup.

When it comes to overcoming online design theft, it’s important to ensure that the power is in your hands. Unfortunately the mantra, ‘…it won’t happen to me’ is no longer realistic. Copyright abuse is complicated subject, and though there are measures in place to try to bring down fake sites, proving ownership of a site can be troublesome. Don’t worry, Mercurytide is on hand to help!

Mercurytide are well equipped to fend off instances of website looting by formally registering our client’s designs with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). This process ensures that your ownership over a particular design is safeguarded; meaning that should you fall foul of design theft, confirming your ownership is a quick and easy process.

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