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Time is a precious commodity for business owners. So, if we told you there’s a way to automate time-consuming ecommerce tasks, we’re pretty sure you’d be interested…

Broadly speaking, technology can be used to automate a huge variety of daily tasks within an ecommerce business. When it comes to running an online shop there are so many different moving parts.  Managing your website, stock control, fulfilling orders and returns; these are just a few of the daily tasks that online retailers are faced with.

Software that works the way you do

If you are finding that certain tasks are becoming an obstacle in your business’s productivity and growth, then it’s certainly time to look at a way to reduce this. Many companies think that increasing their team is the answer, but this is an ongoing and expensive cost.

We have a better solution. All of our ecommerce clients benefit from a system which is built to fit the exact needs of every company, rather than trying to shoehorn your business into ‘off the shelf software’ which will probably only fit some of your needs. This means that our systems can take care of repetitive management tasks such as managing orders and returns, dealing with stock control and integrating with third party suppliers. Ben, one of our ecommerce experts, provides some more information about this in the video below.

Find out how to reduce time spent on ecommerce management tasks

Stay in stock

We’ve briefly touched on stock control; however, this is a factor which can be a huge bugbear to online retailers, as well as their customers. Particularly if you sell multiple brands and/or products managing your stock levels can be tricky and the last thing that you want is for your customer to attempt to make a purchase, only to find out that the particular item is out of stock. A stock control system can save you time, as well as helping to prevent any ‘unhappy customer’ instances. These can be developed for your needs and fully integrated into your site – watch Ben’s video below to find out some of the benefits.

Find out about integrating stock control systems with an ecommerce platform

Endless possibilities

These are just some of the tasks that a bespoke ecommerce system can take care of. Ultimately the possibilities are endless, and software can be adapted to meet the requirements of each business. Plus, a customised system allows additional functionality to be added, so that the ecommerce solution can grow in line with your business.

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