Email: reigning supreme since 1971

Many new technologies claim they have ‘killed email’ once and for all. Social media, instant messenger and video conferencing have all taken a stab at overthrowing email’s dominance. While some digital hipsters claim to be ‘so over’ email (it’s so 1971) it appears that, despite the best efforts of technology trailblazers, email is entirely irreplaceable.

For a huge portion of the workforce, the majority of their day revolves around email communications - whether this is sat at a desk or while on the go. It remains the courier of the information age, and doesn’t show any signs of shifting from the top spot. 

The facts don’t lie

New fashions come and go, remember iTunes Ping? It’s okay, we had forgotten about it too. We’ve heard countless times that email is dead, yet reality begs to differ. In the face of evolving technology email may seem primitive, new tech receives all of the media hype, while our email systems remain quietly and dependably in the background.

Here are just some of the latest stats which validate the value of email and it's use as a vehicle for lucrative marketing activities:  


A carefully considered approach to email marketing can go a long way; it offers the most direct line of personalised communication between businesses and customers. However, we all know that email marketing is nothing new and brands have been using it to connect with consumers for decades. Every email user is familiar with the pushy sales pitches, irrelevant product promos and blatant spam hitting our inboxes on a daily basis. It’s this type of communication which causes consumers to switch off and ignore traditional email marketing tactics. Fear not, as always, we have a solution to excite the disengaged population.  

Leverage your emails

For our regular readers, you will already be acquainted with Email Hype, Mercurytide’s latest brain child. Email Hype provides an entirely unique means of leveraging your everyday emails to engage and connect with your customers. 

Email Hype offers bespoke, visually striking email signatures which auto-update with your company's latest marketing messages. Compelling graphics, powerful marketing messages and a link to your company's website are all part of the design created by Mercurytide. These custom signatures will be shown to every customer that your employees communicate with, and can be updated with your latest campaign in a matter of minutes. You can even use Google Analytics to easily track how many people visited your site via your Email Hype signature.

Our clients have been enjoying this new tool for a while, and have reported a surge in website traffic, sales, brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Email is here to stay, so make the most of it by finding out more about how Email Hype can help your business. Have a chat to one of our team or head over to the Email Hype website to find out more. 

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