Getting in the festive giving spirit

Each year our Senior Tester and resident Mr. Grumpy John Mills has a festive change of heart and takes a little time out from breaking software to help those in need. 

We know the holidays can be a struggle for some people and so with John providing us with a rallying cry we band together to donate food and gifts.

Forth 1 Mission Christmas do some great work and raised over £773,200 last year in gifts and cash to support local children.

Edinburgh NE Foodbank opened in 2013 and provided nutritional emergency food supplies to 4,016 people last year.


Forth 1 Mission Christmas

Edinburgh NE Foodbank



MillsThis was the most successful year yet with the generous Mercurytide staff donating a multitude of toys for kids, gift sets and fragrances for teenagers and so much food for families that John had to reverse his car up to the office door!


 Mercurytide Donations

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