Google Analytics - Must-have web analytics tool

When it comes to marketing we all want to know what works well and what doesn't. We create excel sheets, write fantastic plans and strategies and gather all the metrics we can get. But when it comes to measuring how effective a website is we often face a brick wall.

To start you off, there is a great web analytics tool from Google, which is completely free to use. All you need is some smart people like us, who are experts in web analytics to install it on your website, and are able to interpret the statistics that are collected.

What does it do?

Ok, now you know it's out there and it's free, but what kind of information does Google Analytics actually give you about your website? Let's demonstrate with an example:

Diagram showing customer conversion

Step 1.  Advertising on another site

Your neighbour across the street has a website and you ask him if he could do some advertising for you on it. Because you have been neighbours for a long time he has no problem with that, places a link on his website pointing to yours and just wants a bottle of wine in return.

So, now you are advertising your business on your neighbours website - and you paid for it with a bottle of wine. The next thing you want to know as a business person is if you got any return on that investment. Right? 

Step 2.  Tracking successful conversions

Because you had Mercurytide build your website, Google Analytics was installed and it has been collecting records of every visitor that comes to your website. It can now show you exactly how many people came to your website by clicking on the advertisement and how many of them converted into your  clients.

Google Analytics screenshot

Step 3. Tracking unsuccessful conversions

So, 2 out of 10 people ended up using your services and you probably got a good return on your investment. But you wouldn't be a successful business person if you didn't want to know what happened to the other 8 people. Again you can just login to your Google Analytics and can see where they left your website, which pages they looked at and how long they stayed on your website.

This is just an example of how the in-depth analytics will help you improve your site to convert more visitors into customers, make informed decisions about design and content and track the performance of your marketing campaigns. 

Google Analytics screenshot

Getting started using Google Analytics

Whether you need help constructing a website, adding google analytics, tailoring it to record exactly the statistics you require or just interpreting the statistics you have collected, Mercurytide will be able to help. We have not only helped businesses to learn how to make their websites better but have repeatedly helped them gain more and more relevant visitors and convert those into clients.

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