Google Maps introduce Aerial view and Drag 'n' zoom

Google Maps now includes a new zooming option as well as the ability to view certain areas in a rotatable, angled view rather than the traditional straight down view.


Aerial Imagery

Currently the aerial imagery is only available for a select few areas of the world but Google will be expanding on this steadily. The new view allows you to see a location in a 3D perspective that can be rotated to see various angles of the location, similar to the 3D view on Microsoft's maps.

bullet  See an example of Google Maps Aerial Imagery

(Note: Click on the 'New' link at the top right of the map to enable this option)


Drag 'n' zoom

As well as using the navigation tools or double clicking to zoom into an area, Google Maps have also introduced a Drag 'n' zoom option that allows you to draw a box on the map to instantly zoom in to that level.

bullet  See an example of Drag 'n' zoom

(Note: click on the 'New' link at the top right of the map to enable this option)


These are two great new features that will compliment Google Street View to make Google Maps an even more powerful tool.

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