Has the EU Cookie Law changed?

January saw the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) reveal a different approach to how they make users aware of the cookies and tracking technology being used on their website.

This move from explicit to implied consent has been touted by some as the death of the cookie law, but this is far from the truth, and the law, which Mercurytide has kept you up to date with in previous news releases, still stands.

The news article on the ICO website details a move to an implied method for approval, which many will see as a welcome move away from what was considered a heavy-handed opt-in method. Mercurytide continues to monitor developments in this area and is pleased to report that regardless of the change in approach by the ICO, the methods we’ve been advocating and implementing (such as unobtrusive banners or simple cookie pages to inform users) are still best practice and in sync with the approach that the ICO have taken. So if your Mercurytide site already has acknowledgement of the cookies used and any other tracking, you don’t need to change a thing.

Remember though that the law hasn’t gone away – so if you would like Mercurytide to perform a detailed audit of your website and advise the best method possible to ensure your site complies, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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