How did your website perform over the 2015 Christmas period?

I challenge you to take five minutes and honestly ask yourself, “How did my website perform over the 2015 Christmas period?”

Although it's a simple question, the answer is complicated. Maybe it did 'okay', maybe it didn't. Maybe you don't even know. 

Detailed below are some examples of the types of questions you need to be asking regarding your website’s performance;

  • Did your website meet your online sales target?
  • What was the visitor-to-customer conversion rate?
  • How many visitors browsed your site? What percentage used; laptops, mobiles, tablets? 
  • What were the most visited pages? What were the most visited products? 
  • How many enquiries were generated? How many of those enquiries converted to sales? 
  • What was the average order value for customers using; a desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet? For each device how do the average order values compare to 2014?
  • Where did traffic drop-off occur? Was it on key pages, e.g. payment pages?
  • What percentage of traffic came from your social media channels? 

Why analyse and review website performance and effectiveness?

In order to gauge your website’s ongoing performance effectively, you must set, measure and record your website’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), search engine ratings, and general analytics. This process will allow you to identify trends, expose deficiencies and possible problems.

The key to your website’s long-term success is ongoing improvements in response to your visitor’s behavioural and conversion patterns. Through assisting you in reviewing and continuously measuring your website’s performance, we will not only help you achieve your website KPIs, but exceed them!

Imagine outperforming your initial objectives by 5%, 10% or even 20%? Just think how that would affect your bottom line!

Speak to one of our experts and arrange for Mercurytide to help you analyse your website’s Christmas 2015 performance.

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