How online retailers are making the most of Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving. For many of us, ‘giving’ means trudging around packed shopping centres mid-December; barely avoiding being whacked by protruding rolls of wrapping paper and constantly dodging out of the path of frantic, Santa-crazed children. The number of shoppers now dipping into their ‘digital wallet’ could see these Christmas shopping traditions change…

For most people, the festive season is hectic, so the surge in popularity of ‘mcommerce’ is somewhat unsurprising. Yet, the number of customers preferring to complete all of their shopping using their trusty mobile device is more than could have ever been expected.

Mobile stats:

  • Almost 25% of UK consumers used a mobile device for Christmas shopping.
  • Visits to mobile retail sites increased by 135% in 2012.
  • John Lewis reported that over half of 2012’s Christmas of site traffic came from mobile devices.
  • Amazon and Ebay grew at the same rate as, or faster than, the whole of the ecommerce market.

Christmas 2013 has been deemed as, ‘the year of the mobile Christmas’ and IMRG have forecasted that 64% of smartphone owners will purchase more with their device than last Christmas - a figure that many business owners cannot afford to ignore. Though sales made using a mobile device will certainly grow over Christmas 2013, the adoption rate of mobile devices shows no sign of decelerating, and 2014 figures are set to outshine that of 2013. So much so, that retail analysts have envisaged that consumer spending completed on a mobile device will total over 23 billion by 2018. This year has seen numerous retail brands launch various apps which allow their customers to make a purchase with just a few clicks.

Making the most of mobile

Regardless of whether your shop is a traditional brick and mortar outlet, or if all your business is done on the web, you need to make sure that your online presence caters for today’s mobile shopper. Consider the following points to ensure your mobile guests have everything they need to make a speedy purchase:

Optimise - Mobile device users are usually in a hurry; typically they have chosen such a device because it’s quick and convenient compared to shopping on the high street or using a desktop – an essential requirement which is amplified during the busy festive season! Your site must accommodate their device - if it doesn’t they will leave. Plus, Google confirmed that mobile optimisation would be major factor in determining mobile rankings.

Mobile-friendly content– format content so that mobile users can locate relevant information quickly, without having to sift through all of the text. The implementation of Google’s new algorithm, ‘Google Hummingbird’ accommodates the rise in the number of conversational terms being used – specifically by mobile users. Modify your content to cater for your mobile site visitors.

Social shoppers – provide content that is sharable; social media is now being used more and more to share ‘wish lists’ and gift ideas. And don’t forget to promote your own products or services on your company’s social media channels to send droves of consumers to your site.

Our Managing Director, Tamlin Roberts, comments,

"Mobile shopping’s trajectory shows nothing but promise and the benefits of targeting these users has resonated with business owners. Mobile sites, apps and responsive websites provide an ideal opportunity to forge relationships with customers by providing a positive experience which accommodates their needs.”

Today’s smartphones and tablets offer a rich shopping environment, which is proving to be incredibly appealing for today’s diligent consumers. In order to secure some of the traffic which has come from mcommerce’s shift in shopper activity, make it easy for your consumers. Apps and mobile or responsive sites will allow the efficient perusal of your brand’s products and will show them looking at their best.

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