June's tech round-up

June's installment of the Mercurytide tech round-up features Facebook's longest outage in four years, the latest innovations and developments from Google, as well as smart ways to manage IT projects. 

A world without Facebook

Okay, it was only for 2.5 hours, but it did result in despairing social media fans flocking to twitter to question how on earth Facebook - the centre of the universe - could be down. Facebook's outage affected both the website and the mobile app, and the impact this had on different businesses was quite remarkable. Sites such as Amazon and The Guardian experienced significant dips in traffic due to the lack of referrals from Facebook. As social media managers, we were also itching to get our clients' Facebook pages back up and running. 

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Make every project a success

There can be so many stages and components within an IT project that it's often easy to find yourself in a tangle or for things to grind to a halt. Smashing Magazine has created a handy communication guide for any businesses that are embarking on an IT project. 

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We are proud of our smooth project management process, which was recently recognised with a coveted ISO:9001 accreditation for the fifth year running. 

Feeling blue

There are countless studies which focus on the psychology of colour choices in marketing. Blue, which is associated with 'depth and stability' seems to be a firm favourite with big brands, particularly social media giants and financial corporations. The Awl have showcased these distinct hues and discuss in more detail the characteristics associated with this particular colour.

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Google I/0 2014

Google I/O is an annual conference for developers, which took place this year on the 25th June in San Francisco. Google I/O reveals the true extent of Google's investment in innovation by showcasing some of their side projects. This year's conference saw Google move further into the wearable tech market with the announcement of an Android smartwatch, Android Auto for cars and Android TV. Watch the full conference below: 


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Google My Business

It's been a busy month for Google, who also revamped Google Plus at the start of June. Google 'My Business' gives brands the option to connect their Google Plus page with their Google Maps listing, while also displaying a handy dashboard which presents website stats upon log in - so that all of the vital information is in one place.

Google My Business

Internet Creation walk us round the new feature, and explain the benefits in full. 

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To connect your Google Plus and Google Maps pages, head over to Mercurytide's guide, which takes you through the process in three simple steps. 

If you didn't catch last month's 'tech round-up' issue, you can still find out what news you missed from the technology industry in May.

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