Making a right twitter of social media?

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If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest ahead of the United States and only behind China and India.

Even if you haven't heard of all of these you will probably have heard of a few BUT do you know what to do with them, how to interact or how to get the best from them?

Social Media in all its forms and guises can be an extremely useful tool as part of your online strategy. Here are a few pointers to consider to get the most out of social media:

None of them should be used in isolation

They should be part (in some cases only a minor part) of your online strategy.

Start with strategy

  1. Who do you wish to communicate with?
  2. What do you wish to say to them?
  3. With what objective?
  4. How are you going to communicate with them ?

Do not underestimate the effort required

Although many social media platforms are quick (and often free) to get started with that doesn't mean that they don't require significant effort and resource to maintain and gain return from.

Be ready to respond

Most of these platforms fulfil the ever more popular need to react instantly which means that you need to respond equally quickly.


You need to give value to the people you interact with, whether that is in the form of preferential treatment (Getting discount vouchers or early access to new things) or simply signposting (helping people find information that is of value to them), you need to give something back.


Think about your brand. When posting something on to a social network platform you are putting a poster up for the world to see for ever more. People will form their own views about this content both now and in the future. (If it doesn't look good on the front page of the Sun when you are at your highest point, then don't say it).

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