May's tech round-up

The May edition of Mercurytide's tech round-up brings news of a new Google algorithm, shopping via twitter and a driverless car. 

Tweet to buy

Amazon boldly ventured into social shopping this month by launching a new service which allows twitter users to add items to their Amazon shopping cart by using the hashtag #AmazonBasket. By connecting your twitter account to Amazon, users can simply use the hashtag to reply to any tweet which includes an Amazon link to have the item automatically added to their cart on the Amazon website - where they will remain until they are removed or paid for. 

Find out more about #AmazonBasket from the BBC

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Panda 4.0 released

On 21st May, Matt Cutts took to twitter to announce the launch of Panda 4.0, which had already been in action for a few weeks. This new algorithm is set to punish sites which contain spammy links or low quality content, in order to maintain Google's commitment to providing their searcher engine users with the best quality results. 

Read about the history of Google Panda from Search Engine Land 

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The best way to blog

Referencing a recent study carried out by serpIQ, Crush Digitial provided some valuable food for thought for all bloggers and content marketers. This study shows that online readers actually prefer blogs of longer length (between 600-2,000 words) as they skim through blogs and articles, rather than reading them word for word, and pick out the sections they feel are most relevant to them. 

Read about optimal blogging from Crush

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Would you let Google drive?

Google's new 'driverless cars' push innovation to a new level. This bold step offers a taxi service, albeit a slow taxi - the cars can only reach speeds of 25mph - which relies on Google's knowledge of traffic flow and local areas. 

See Google's driverless car in action

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Well on the way to 3 billion internet users

The UN has predicted that by the end of 2014, the world will have over three billion internet users. Two thirds of this figure will be from the developing world, where increasing efforts are being made to improved socio-economic development.

Find out more about the UN's predictions from the Telegraph

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