Mercurytide builds mobile recycling system for O2 stores

Customers can now recycle their phones in any O2 store thanks to the Mercurytide built system.

On the first weekend since the system's release, over 2,000 orders were processed through the system.

O2 work with Redeem PLC to recycle old mobile phones and the new system allows the entire process to be easily managed in each O2 store as well as seamlessly integrating with Redeem's mobile phone recycling process.

The system will give O2:

  • An advantage over its competition
  • Will differentiate O2 from other high street retailers
  • Provide great customer experience
  • Give customers a strong reason to choose O2
  • Help contribute towards their sustainability target

The system was developed on the initiative of Redeem, an international leader in the recovery, refurbishment and recycling of consumer electronic devices. Redeem supports a wide range of products for customers across the world and the O2 recycling programme is just one of the industry leading end-user collection programmes.

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