Mercurytide Staff Spotlight: Grant Anderson

What most people don't know is that our Edinburgh office is host to our very own tropical island. Well, sort of. 'Dev Island' is where the magic happens and is home to some of our development team. To make Dev Island even more authentic, it was christened with a very life-like inflatable palm tree, monkey and parrot. One of the island's inhabitants is Grant Anderson, a Developer who has been with Mercurytide for two and a half years.

Mercurytide developer IslandAs well as working collaboratively with our team of web developers, designers and project managers, Grant also leads Mercurytide's 'Department of Innovation.' The Department of Innovation was created in order to develop genius features for our clients' sites and software for our own internal use. By continually creating new elements for the sites we build, we have a variety of readily available solutions for our clients. Grant is also the project owner for some of our biggest development projects, but he never gets frazzled - Grant always has a smile on his face! Of his role within Mercurytide, Grant says,

Developing good software is all about understanding the needs of the users and knowing what the simplest solution is to adequately satisfy their needs. This doesn’t mean we don’t build complex systems, but that they are only as complex as they need to be. The great thing about working at Mercurytide is that we are given the time and resources to build software which has been planned out, peer reviewed and thoroughly tested by a highly skilled and dependable team. As a developer this gives me confidence that systems we deliver will do their jobs and do them well.”

Outisde of work, Grant describes himself as a bit of Google 'fanboy' and keeps up-to-date with their latest products and features, so much so that every TV in Grant's house has its own Chromecast. Grant also loves to build PCs and his pride and joy is his own custom built computer which has three monitors, yes - three!

Aside from technology, Grant keeps himself fit through regular rock-climbing sessions at the EICA, which is the world's largest indoor climbing arena. 

This year, Grant set himself another test - the Black Rock Challenge, a gruelling 5 mile race across the sands of the Firth of Forth - which he completed in an impressive 46 minutes.                    

Grant's recommended sites

The sites built by Grant and the rest of the development team take into consideration the needs of every business. If there's a bottleneck in operations that you would like us to come up with a solution for, then please get in touch.

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