Mercurytide Staff Spotlight: John Mills

The majority of our clients haven't met John Mills, but you can be sure that he knows their sites inside-out. John works behind the scenes at Mercurytide as our Senior Tester; his keen eye for detail ensures that every aspect of our clients' sites are in ship-shape working order before they go live. 

Mercurytide's testing team is led by John, his day-to-day responsibilities include validating and verifying any changes to our clients' websites, or thoroughly examining new sites and software systems to ensure that each component is working efficiently. This process is a vital step in our ISO: 9001 project management process; by having a skilled and dedicated team for these measurements, this upholds Mercurytide's commitment to quality assurance. 

When it comes to web-based technology, John is a bit of a nosey parker. He has a need to know how things work, why they work and how they have been built. By finding all of these things out - and being a traditionally cynical Scot - he likes to find their flaws to pinpoint the ways that Mercurytide can build upon or improve these. This means that he is our go-to guy for critiquing new technology and documenting their risks. 

Of his role within Mercurytide, John says,

For me testing is broken down into two parts, the solution has to be functionally correct as well as being user-friendly for the receiving client. There is no point in handing over a piece of work which functions exactly the way that the client specified, unless it is user-friendly and intuitive to them. This is what is great about Mercurytide, once we have the solution for each client's problem, we then think about their needs and the environment in which the solution will be used."  

We love that John is passionate about making sure our sites flow naturally and that they are as efficient as they possibly can be. However, broken sites REALLY irritate him and sometimes he feels he has to take matters into his own hands. A certain telecommunications and internet provider received a scolding from our expert software tester after he received a test email from them in error. He kindly popped them an email advising the company to use a different testing environment - what a guy! 

Away from work, John is kept busy by his little girl, Isla, who is 18 months old. John is also a keen cyclist and runner and his achievements to date include: EMF Half marathon 2012, Black Rock Challenge 2013, Mens Health 'Survival of the Fittest' 2013, Tough Mudder 2013, Great Scottish Run 2013 and the Bupa Great Edinburgh Run 2013. He described himself as 'app daft' and seems to have an app for everything. All of his runs and cycles are documented within Runkeeper, in order to count the calories he is allowed to consume at his favourite local sandwich shop, Cafe Dominico

John's suggested sites:

All of our sites receive a custom designed testing plan to ensure they perform to their full potential in every environment. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our quality assured websites and systems. 

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