November tech round-up

November's technology news features includes Google's mobile labels, the most viral ads of 2014, the impact of Black Friday as well as a fun ecommerce video from Mercurytide. 

Google launches mobile labels

Google officially announced the launch of their latest search engine feature, mobile labels. This label will indicate to users which websites are 'mobile friendly' in the search results, allowing users who are browsing on a tablet or smartphone to see which sites cater for their device. 

Read more about Google's mobile labels

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The most viral ads of 2014

Last year, we discussed the ways that brands have embraced video marketing to promote themselves online, and it seems 2014 was no different. AdWeek have collated twenty of the most popular viral videos of 2014. Unsurprisingly, one of this year's beloved Christmas ads made the cut. 

Watch 2014's top 20 viral ads

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Black Friday - which websites passed the test?

Black Friday is a shopping event typically synonymous with the U.S. However, recent years have seen its popularity creep its way into British retail. Each year, sales figures and shopper demand for Black Friday's cut-price deals seem to grow. This left a few retailers red-faced as their sites couldn't cope with the sudden surge in traffic. 

Read more on BBC News about Black Friday

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Bespoke Ecommerce Uncovered

This month we also published information which uncovers the ways that bespoke ecommerce can help to increase profits. You'll also find an animation which uses our friends Bob and Ted to show some of features that can be developed for ecommerce businesses. 

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