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Mail could make the difference

Recent research* has shown that marketing campaigns which include mail (the physical, through-your-letterbox type) are 27% more likely to deliver top-ranking sales performance than campaigns which don’t, and when people get mail:

  • 87% have been influenced to make an online purchase
  • 57% feel valued
  • 32% remember the message better than the same via email

It’s obviously true that the more times a person sees your brand, the better they’ll remember you, and physical mail delivers a tactile experience which forms memories in a way that digital marketing can’t. And, in this day and age, people in the lucrative 18-34 age bracket rarely get post which isn’t in some way official, so well designed mail which is personalised and valuable can really get results.

Having said that, there’s not much value in taking a random list of mailing contacts and trying to tell them all about your latest and greatest. Building a targeted list of recipients who you know have either already seen your current marketing online, or (even easier) are existing customers, will help you focus your efforts and ensure that you’re building on previous success and reinforcing your message.

Let’s say you invest £3,750 in designing, printing and mailing a letter to 8,000 people. Based on average customer spend of £35, a response rate of just 2.5% would generate income of around £7,000, almost doubling your investment.

At Mercurytide we believe in making online marketing deliver returns for everyone. From design and data through to print and production, we can create letters, flyers and other printed materials which support your online campaigns and make sure you reach and are remembered by your customers.

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*Sources: Royal Mail MarketReach, It’s All About Email, The Private Life of Email, This Time It’s Personal.

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