That warm fuzzy feeling... the launch of Revive MS Support's new website

I love the warm fuzzy feeling you get from doing something that truly matters and knowing that your actions have genuinely helped to improve the lives of others....

On a personal level many of us can probably relate to this, but I feel quite lucky to work for a company like Mercurytide, where we take our values seriously and actually "live" them. In our heightened environmentally and socially aware culture, and during the on-going difficult economic climate, it’s nice to tangibly see how a small organisation like Mercurytide is embracing corporate social responsibility, and making it a reality rather than just a concept.

Our £10,000 charity website competition

You may recall that last year, we ran a competition to celebrate our 10th birthday. We offered a UK based charity the chance to win a new website worth £10,000. Revive MS Support stood out a mile in the eyes of the judging panel and our partnership began during the middle of 2012.

The website launch party

I’m lucky enough to have been heavily involved in the project, and last week we saw months of work come to fruition, with the launch of the new Revive website at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.


The launch was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster – we heard speeches from trustees, staff at Revive, Pilotlight, and also from Eileen Conway, a lady who Revive have, and continue to help. Although many can live with MS for a number of years with relatively minor symptoms, Eileen’s speech really hit home about how debilitating and life changing MS can be - and how varied the symptoms and experiences are of those who live with the disease. Eileen described how Revive has been her lifeline, in helping her to come to terms with her diagnosis. Through counselling, clinical therapies such as oxygen treatment and reflexology, fatigue management courses and the like, Revive has provided her with a safe haven - somewhere she can go where she knows she is understood and treated like an individual. I think it is fair to say we all had a tear in our eye as we sat and listened. And, over the course of the evening, I know I was very humbled to have so many people approach us to thank us for the work we have done… I was just doing my job, but to Revive we have made a huge difference.

So, what’s been in it for us you may think... ?

Well that is a very good question! The honest answer is "we feel good" about helping and making a difference, even if only small. What has been forged over the past 6 months is a strong two-way partnership that for us at Mercurytide has seen unexpected gains such as team building opportunities, employee engagement and shared learning. A great example of this is back in October 2012, when around half the team took the plunge over the Clyde and did a zip slide for Revive. I don’t think any of us are massive fans of swinging about in a tiny crane over a huge expanse of water, but together we overcame some personal fears and strengthened our team spirit, and at the same time managed to raise some much needed cash for Revive – win-win wouldn’t you say?

For me, this is a great example of how, even a small organisation such as ours, can reach out and create a huge impact. It's not about "our corporate social responsibility"; it's about being citizens of our planet and trying to make small strides in improving the lives of those around us as well as our own.

Here at Mercurytide, we are so excited with what is in store over the next few months and years of working with Revive, so watch this space! To Revive MS Support, we're really delighted to be working with you, and we wish you the best for 2013 and beyond.

Visit the new Revive MS website:

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