Scotland's own .scot online identity launches

Scotland's new .scot domain extension was launched on 15th July, following an eight-year long campaign by the non-profit company, Dot Scot. 

The availability of the .scot domain is considered to be a significant landmark for Scottish businesses and individuals who can now actively promote their connection to Scotland using their website and email addresses. The new .scot top-level domain (TLD) was launched as part of ICANN'new gTLD initiative and was handled by the non-profit company Dot Scot Registry, who describe the new domain name as,

...a community gTLD for the worldwide family of people who have a shared commitment to Scottish identity and culture.

Dot Scot has pledged that any profits made by the launch of the .scot TLD will be invested in other digital initiatives, which will be proposed by the public. Dot Scot also promises to keep the .scot TLD relevant and reputable, by ensuring that domain holders have a genuine connection to Scotland. 

Fifty 'pioneer' sites have launched with the .scot suffix, including the Scottish government, WWF Scotland and NHS Scotland. Individuals or businesses that wish to secure their own .scot TLD can register their interest through domain service providers. Following the registration period, .scot domains will become available for purchase on the 23rd September 2014. 

If you wish to register your interest or purchase a new .scot domain, then please contact a member of the Mercurytide team. 

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