Top tips on selling your services online

You’ve got a visitor to your website! Yeah… But wait, what happened…? Where did they go…? All that effort to get them here...

On average if the visitor doesn’t find what they are after within the first 10 seconds, they will leave and move on to somewhere else. Getting people to your website is a challenge, but once they visit, you need to convince them that your business is worth contacting. Your website needs to convert them to the next stage of the sales process, a pre-qualified lead.

With 76% of British adults looking for information on services online, standing out from the crowd is crucial. Your website is a platform that can differentiate you from your competitors.  Showing visitors what you are capable of could be the deciding factor in them choosing to contact you or the competition.


What are visitors looking for?

As a customer realises their needs, they begin an investigation phase – ‘what are my options, who can help me?’

As well as being found, you need to get onto the customer shortlist of who they contact.

The typical visitor journey is:

  • Filter through the masses: does the business offer what I’m looking for.
  • The short list: This business gives me confidence they can deliver what I need.


The filter

Visitors want to know whether it’s worth investing more of their time on your website, or if their time would be better spent elsewhere.

Within 10 seconds you need to show a visitor your business offers what they are looking for.

Top tips:

  • Do your primary headings describe what you do?
  • Is your navigation in an easy to find location? Is it well-structured and quickly displays your services?
  • Does your website design look great, do you have great branding and imagery to draw the customer in?
  • Do you have a video on your site, which describes your company and its services? This can be a very effective way of presenting your elevator pitch to a new customer. 

If you're successful, you’ll make it into the filtered list of business worth a proper look!


Making the shortlist

Great! You’ve convinced the customer to look past the opening statements and now it’s time to show them you have the experience, knowledge, people and the recommendations they are looking for.

On a repeat visit to your website, the visitor is now looking to build trust and authority in their minds. Proving to the visitor that you are established and know what you are doing is key to converting them into customers.

Top tips:

  • Demonstrating your previous success, via case studies and awards.
  • You’re a team player – your customers are happy to recommend you, shown by testimonials & reviews.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge with news & blog articles.
  • Approachability - prospective clients want to know they can talk directly to your key people, the experts.
  • Link all the content together to form a powerful argument that you should be contacted! If you a web page on a service, have:
    • Links to the case studies on that service
    • Display testimonials
    • Links to knowledge articles in relation to the service written by your team
    • Links to your business leaders and experts in that service.


The final decision

Once a visitor has worked their way through their shortlist, they will make a decision on which business to talk to. Following the guidelines above, you will be able to demonstrate your capability’s and win that lead!

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