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Keeping up with SEO best practices can be a little like keeping up with the latest season’s fashion trends. Due to ongoing algorithm updates, a practice that was once considered to be the key to SEO success can quickly become old news, which can make keeping up with SEO time-consuming

As a busy online retailer, you’re always looking for ways to keep up with SEO practices. So, we’ve put together SEO advice which is relevant to ecommerce sites as well as being in line with Google’s most recent recommendations.

To get you started, watch some of our short videos where you will be able to listen to some SEO advice from our Client Services Director, Ben.

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To keyword or not to keyword?

Let’s start by looking at keywords because we’re keen to dispel the myth that SEO is all about keywords. Of course, for a while, it was; but Google have worked hard to help the SEO protocol to evolve in a way that puts its users first. For that reason, keyword stuffed content is no longer accepted. Your users don’t like it, and Google certainly doesn’t approve. Plus, recent research has shown that the influence of keywords on SEO is dwindling.

This doesn’t mean that keywords should be discounted, but rather that they should appear naturally in content and take into consideration the needs of the customers you are trying to reach – what would they search for and what would they be interested to know about the products that you sell?

Be content-centric

Depending on your SEO knowledge or interest, you may know of Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Webspam. In his blog, Cutts discusses the ways that businesses can ensure that their websites adhere to Google’s current quality guidelines. His posts continually beg for sites to employ SEO strategies which focus on the generation of quality, useful content for their users.

To keep Google happy as well as reaching your customers online, the content you create should be unique and engaging.

Let’s get technical

Something that a lot of ecommerce business owners aren’t aware of is that Google takes into consideration the technical aspects of your site. Such factors include how user-friendly your URLs are, site speed, a well-structured sitemap and your metadata tags (the information that ‘tells’ the search engine about the information on each page).

Become a socialite

Aside from being a really useful way to showcase your products and engage with users, social media is now major influencing factor in SEO. Having content that is liked, shared, retweeted etc. on social media contributes towards your websites SERP ( search engine rank page) Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all appear within the top ten most influential ranking factors.  

Designed to influence

The design of your ecommerce site plays a crucial role in its success. Google now considers how long users spend on a website, as this indicates a positive user experience.

Pixelated images, thin product descriptions and out of stock items; these ecommerce blunders will cause your customers to exit your site. If you want to know the best practices for optimising product pages, read our seven step guide for making your products appealing both search engines and customers.

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