Six ways your property website is hurting your business.

Think your property website is 'good enough'? Think again…

For you website to convert visitors there are three actions that your website must perform:

  1. Attract visitors
  2. Deliver a positive and memorable user experience
  3. Drive Action

Here is a quick list of ways that your website may be underperforming in each of these action areas.


Getting visitors to your website is crucial in order for your business to be successful.

1. You lack search engine optimisation (SEO)

Already this year there has been some major changes from Google with Google AdWords getting the ‘touch-up’ treatment. The impact of this ‘touch-up’ is significant for both organic and paid advertising.

Without revisiting your SEO, it is very likely that you could soon find yourself on pages two and three of Google! The key to SEO success is constantly tweaking and refining your website to keep up with the latest advancements and best practises, particularly after Google makes changes.

Failing to apply SEO fundamentals or keep your SEO up-to-date can cripple your website and potentially your entire business. In a fierce and cutthroat market, you can guarantee your competitors are constantly working on their SEO and looking for ways to out manoeuvre you.

Get things right by setting a solid SEO foundation and you will save yourself hours, as well as money, further down the line.

When was the last time your SEO was looked at?

2. You’re not optimised for all devices

2015 saw more Google searches from mobile devices than desktop and laptops combined.
If this does not scream out as you needing to be optimised, let me reinforce it for you.
Mobile is now, and without being mobile responsive, you are only attracting a mere half of all possible traffic and interested parties.

Whether it tenants looking for a new home, or a building owner looking for a new building management company you need to make it easy for potential clients to access information about your business.

Research suggests that modern consumers now own an average of three connected devices and that many consumer adopt a multi-device approach when it comes to browsing and purchasing online.

So, how does your website look on a smartphone or tablet device?

User Experience

User experience is defined as “the overall experience a user has while interacting with your website and brand”. Your website needs to deliver a positive and memorable user experience in order for visitors to take action.

3. Your website needs to clearly show your diverse offerings

Your website must accommodate all of your target markets. Whether you focus on letting and selling residential properties or management of commercial buildings, your website needs to provide visitors with the information that they are looking for.

Each visitor has a unique agenda and pain point. If you do not show that you are the one to solve it, they will disengage with your website and brand. One of the simplest methods to achieve this is through clear and simple navigation where visitors are able to navigate to a specific page where all of your service offerings for them are explained.

Do you clearly differentiate your service offerings?

4. You fail to feature your exclusive, and perhaps unique, properties and opportunities.

Your website, in particular your homepage, should display and feature your exclusive or unique listings and contracts. Whether it’s a castle that you a selling or a contract managing an exclusive building, your website should boast your achievements.

If you have exclusive contracts or a listing that will be in demand, show them off and use it to help you convert visitors into making an enquiry or booking.

Does your website allow you to promote your exclusive listings and contracts?

Drive Action

Your website needs to effectively promote and encourage action from the visitor. This could be by sending in an enquiry, booking a viewing, or arranging a meeting.

5. You lack testimonials and credibility

In order to covert visitors, you need to show that you are the one to help them, whether they are looking for a new property or they are looking for a property management company.

Visitors want to see that you have experience. Why? Because experience shows that you are successful and that you have a process that works. Testimonials from currently and former customers are a great way to demonstrate your experience.
In addition, adding verification and accreditation badges on your website is a great way to show that industry regulators recognise your business and processes.

How many testimonials do you have on your website?

6. You don’t have online booking functionality

Online booking functionality is a great tool that helps to show your true professionalism and drive action from visitors. In the modern age, website users want to feel empowered and have full control to get things done at their convenience. You need to accommodate users’ busy lifestyles by giving them the ability to book and manage viewings or meetings online.

Online booking functionality also means you can dictate the date and time of when viewings and meeting will happen. In addition, it frees up your internal staff who will no longer be dealing with as many viewing enquires, allowing them to become more productive.

Can visitors book viewings and meetings via your website?

So, how do you stack up?

The property market is fierce and an underperforming website can have disastrous results for your business. It can be difficult to get to grips with the constantly evolving website landscape, and it’s not always obvious what needs to be done in order for a website to stay ahead of the competition.

Mercurytide are experts in building websites and have over 15 years’ experience in transforming clients website’s into powerful selling tools.

To ensure you aren’t left behind with an underperforming website, get in touch with Mercurytide now and see how your business will grow.

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