Social media tactics. Likes for sale – would you give them a home?

Generating a valuable online community is no walk in the park. With so many businesses flocking to social media platforms, sometimes it can be tricky for your voice to be heard by the people that matter. This is why some brands have turned to companies who offer paid for likes, which promise to boost the popularity of a social media page.

Roll up, roll up. Buy your likes here!

As the emphasis on social media has grown stronger than ever, there has been an emergence of companies that promise to deliver high-performance social media pages that will do all of the hard work for you through paid for likes. But what value is there in 10,000 likes that are in a different country altogether, when your customer base comes from local clientele?

Is it really ‘Like for like?’

Unfortunately, social media doesn’t work like that. The key part of this being the distinctly ‘unsocial’ aspect of generating a sudden spike in followers, who may or may not be interested in your brand. Yes, on the surface, it may look good to have a wealth of followers. But if your customers have any social know-how or know where to look for follower’s insights, mistrust will immediately be instilled. If customers think you are dishonest about any aspect of your value, why will they trust what you have to say and claim to be?

Paying for likes is not money well spent. The profiles used by companies that sell likes tend to be fake, or people who have no interest or relevance to your business. This means that the money you shell out is highly unlikely to offer any return on investment. Though at face value some customers may have greater respect for your brand by seeing the number of followers that you have, it is doubtful that this reason alone will convert into a sale.

As with all dishonest tactics, Facebook are abreast of the situation. Facebook have announced a recent crackdown of fake accounts, or accounts that generate ‘spammy’ comments on other pages. Is having one thousand ‘fake’ followers – which you have paid for – really worth having your page shut down for?...Particularly when they have no interest in buying your products or services.

We all want to be liked…

As we have said, it’s no longer as simple as setting up shop on social media and expecting all of your customers to come flocking. Not because of who you are – but because they don’t know you are there, or perhaps haven’t even heard of you. Social media offers a great way to start a conversation with your customers, but first of all you have to get them on your page. There are several ‘above board’ options which will provide far more value and brand trust that an association with buying likes.

In order to shepherd your customers to where you are, platform advertising options – such as Facebook Ads – offer a far more cost effective alternative. If you utilise the effective methods offered within these advertising options, your will be able to fine tune your campaign to target exactly who you want. Find your audience online and tell them exactly why they should do business with you.  Also, building relationships with other reputable pages and having them share your news will help to guide social media users towards your brand’s pages.

Posting here, there and everywhere also won’t reap many benefits. Get your social media manager to draw up a clear social media strategy so that you know what’s happening and when – allowing maximum capitalization throughout all of your literature.

Mercurytide have the social know-how to help you to create a valuable online following. An increase in genuine followers can have a considerable impact on your page, your reputation, your company and most importantly, your bottom line.

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