Social Media – which, when, how?

Everyone keeps saying you need to be using social media, but you don't know where to start. Will it take up too much time? What platform is best for me? Don't worry this is very common.

Why you should be on at least one Social Media platform?

Ask yourself where you get your news and information from today. Is it traditional media like newspapers and bill-board marketing ads? Or do you read about the latest trends and tips on Social Media platforms? You probably get recommendations from your friends too. More and more people are finding the information they want using social media and their friends on social media.

So simply put, if you would like your business to be talked about too, you need to be "there" too.

So, which are the main Social Media platforms? Let's focus on the main players like:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+

And leave the special interest or social media expert platforms for another day.

  • Foursquare
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

Which social media platforms should I choose?

First of all you have to ask yourself where your clients “are”. Which social media platforms will your clients typicaly use?

As a rule of thumb we would advise any B2B business to set up an account on LinkedIn and/or Twitter. If you have further resources add Facebook and Google+.

If you have a more consumer facing business (B2C), we’d advise starting off with the consumer favourites like Facebook and Google+ and slowly but surely establish a Twitter account and later maybe look into LinkedIn.

When and how often should I post on each platform?

Again as a general rule of thumb we suggest to post as follows:

  • Twitter – a minimum of 4 posts a day
  • LinkedIn – at least 1 post a day
  • Facebook – 1 or two posts a day – if you can post more
  • Google+ - again 1 or two posts a day – if you can more

As for the times of the day consider at what times of the day your clients are most likely to use the channels respectively so that you grab their attention:

  • Twitter – during the day (for business), night time (for leisure)
  • LinkedIn – during business hours
  • Facebook – mainly used during leisure time
  • Google+ - business hours for B2B posts and B2C posts at night time

How do I present myself on which Social Media channel?

Each channel addresses a differently engaged audience, so we suggest:

  • Twitter - Keep it short and sweet. Make sure you address relevant #hashtags and link to more content on your site if you have it.
  • LinkedIn - Keep it short but also keep it business like and informative. Links will have the preview function so remember to choose appealing thumbnails.
  • Facebook - Keep it playful and more visual. Facebook like narrative and pictures. You don’t have to keep it short and user engagement is very welcome. Ask questions or ask for opinions.
  • Google+ - Very similar to Facebook, Google+ gives you lots of options to optimise and present your posts – you can play with that. Google+ on top of that will also help your SEO ranking. So make sure you use relevant keywords in your post headlines.

This of course only covers the first steps of getting settled with Social Media. Things like your brand identity and other marketing strap lines and guidelines should be considered as well. We’ll keep that for another article.

We hope this helps to get you started.

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