Mercurytide Staff Spotlight: Tamlin Roberts

All of our clients know who Tamlin Roberts is, but for those of you that don’t, Tamlin is the Managing Director at Mercurytide and the driving force behind our technology developments. His affinity for all things tech began at a young age, where he dismantled his parents’ computer to gain a better understanding of how it all worked; thankfully, he managed to put it back together again!

A restless mind is somewhat of an understatement in Tamlin’s case, when he isn’t building mini robots, creating plant watering monitors (to stop him killing them) or trying to ‘fix’ one gadget or another, he is probably examining new, emerging tech on the market to see how it works, what it offers and if its future will shape consumer habits or offer benefit to our clients. In addition to fuelling Tamlin’s passion for all things tech, this also gives Mercurytide a leading advantage by ensuring we are the first to be aware of new technologies, how they work, the benefits they offer and how they can assist businesses or streamline operations.

Recent developments in wearable tech have caught Tamlin’s attention, and day-to-day he uses a Samsung Smartwatch (which replaces his Jawbone UP). He already has some ideas of how they can be improved, so listen up Samsung!

In terms of business operations, Tamlin has helped many of our clients find ways for technology to automate their operations or just make life a little easier.

For me it’s about being at the leading edge of technology so that my clients don’t need to. If you have a good grasp on what is about to appear on the market you can advise clients on what to get and when. Saves them making the early adopter mistakes!”

Some of Tamlin’s suggested sites:

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