Staying strong in a recession

Mercurytide is working hard to keep our clients ahead of their competitors and we are succeeding in helping various clients profit during the current economic climate.

Our more successful clients are being more proactive now than ever and instead of cutting back are spending more on advertising and additional functionality for their web sites.

'This is not the time to cut advertising. It is well documented that brands that increase advertising during a recession, when competitors are cutting back, can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than during good economic times.'

Harvard Business School

Advertising using email campaigns

One of the most successful advertising tools is proving to be the Mercurytide Mailout System, which allows our clients to advertise their services to thousands of customers quickly, easily and without large costs. Some of our clients are sending out very imaginitive email campaigns regularly reminding potential customers of the products or services they have to offer.

The World Economic Forum in Davos

At the beginning of 2009, the most prestigious gathering of the world's political, business and intellectual leaders took place in Davos for the World Economic Forum. The purpose was to discuss the future of the global financial market and possible ways of 'Shaping the Post-Crisis World'.

Using the internet to your advantage

One of the clear issues to emerge from the World Economic Forum was that many companies are still struggling to move beyond having a colourful web site towards really using the internet to their advantage. However, some of the world's more successful companies are embracing the changes taking place on the internet and are using things like social media to help make their web site more useful and productive.

The internet is a turbo-charger for a successful business

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told an audience at the World Economic Forum, that the Internet allowed small companies to become global commercial players.
'I think it is very important for companies - even successful companies - to keep driving the pace of innovation very rapidly.'

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